Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monte Morello walking by the "Frana"

This morning was official catch up time, and as rain was forecast for this afternoon, I did not think I would get out.  The rain was holding off, it looked good from our windows, so I went for an afternoon ride.  Not too long or too far North, as that was the rain location.  A couple of nice hours and a great route made for some fun.  I climbed to Pratolino on Via Bolognese, then went over to the Monte Morello road and ignored the closed signs and climbed to the top.  Nothing at this point, but really no traffic.  I was thinking that if I had to turn around it was fine, but when I reached the reason for the closure, there was an easy path around it as long as you were walking.  Great descent, and good ride.  I had not ridden this in a while, as the signs were pretty emphatic, and last fall when I tried, it was truly closed with heavy equipment, etc.  Fine today with pretty nice weather (discounting the wind) and a fine ride.  Ciao!

Pratolino, Monte Morello (frana), Sesto, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A view of the start of the hills in the Mugello from the 
Monte Morello climb.

A view to the Arno valley from the Piazzale Leonardo Da Vinci
at the top of the Monte Morello climb.

This is why the road is closed.  Frana where the road wants to
drop into the valley below.  It actually is nice for cycling, as there 
is an easy walking path around it and no traffic.

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