Sunday, May 25, 2014

Excellent client ride with Fred from Canada.

Today's tour was set up by Florence by Bike with a private client, Fred Cahill, from Canada.  I met him at his hotel at 8, and with a little talk and adjustment, we were off.  I was told he needed to be back by 11, so I was planning a route for that amount of time.  We rode out by Piazzale Michaelangelo, then Poggio Imperiale, and down to Galluzzo.  We went over to Cinque Vie, then climbed up through Vacciano, San Gersole, Mezzomonte, and Monteoriolo to Impruneta.  We had a quick stop in Impruneta, and after a little talk, it appeared he had done much of today's ride with Chris Breckon last year.  I changed itinerary, so he could have some totally new riding, and we went out through Strada and turned off to descend, then climb to San Polo.

In San Polo, we filled water bottles, and climbed up to the little pass then descended through Quarate to Cappanuccia.  Just after Cappanuccia, we turned right to add a couple of climbs, as he told me he did not really need to be back at 11, and for today 11:30 or later would be fine, just not past 12.  So, we climbed up and over on the little road then down to Antella, then up to Osteria Nuova, then down to Via Carota, and back into Firenze from Ponte a Ema.  Fred is a strong rider, and he told me tomorrow he could be out until 12, so I am planning a nice tour in the Mugello.  Great ride today, Fred!

Check out Vacciano, Strada, San Polo, Antella, Osteria Nuova with Fred - great tour! on! It's a 65.1 km ride I did on Sunday, May 25, 2014.

Fred at Piazzale Michaelangelo.

Just after San Gersole on the way to Mezzomonte.

Climbing up the little road on the way to Capanuccia from San Polo.

I love this scenic spot for pictures just after Quarate.  Che Bello!

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