Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 4 with Tina and Nate to the West and South, almost 100k.

We had a good, relatively early start today, and there was a possibility of the ride being longer, perhaps 100k.  We started out by going out through the Cascine, then out the back roads to Signa.  I like to take multi-day clients out different directions each day, and today was to the west.  From Signa, we rode out to the Umbrone river valley, then started the climb up through Comeana, Carmignano, and St. Christina to Pinone.  We took a very nice break at Pinone for cafe and pastries for them, got some excellent water from the fountain there, then started the descent to Montelupo.  I gave them the options, and we took the first one, which involves more switchbacks, but Tina has been learning well, and I rode a few with her, and by the bottom she was smiling and loving the descent.  It did not hurt that a couple of very good and fast Italian young riders whistled at her as they passed on the descent.

From the base of this descent, it is a relatively short flat ride to Montelupo, then we went out to Ginestra where I reviewed more options.  They were happy with a longer ride, and I basically had the ride we ended up doing in mind all along.  We turned off just past San Vincenzo a Torri to climb to the ridge on the tiny road, then up the ridge toward Montagnana.  After connecting with the main road, we went a little further up, then turned left for the ridge climb through San Quirico to San Pancrazio.  Water in San Pancrazio, then a super descent to Ponterotto and a nice break for cafe and pastries for us all.  After the break, we went up and over to the mild climb to San Casciano, then regrouped at the top.

We rode along the ridge toward Chiesa Nuova, but turned off to descend through San Andrea in Percussina, then back to Galluzzo on the main road through Tavernuzze.  In Galluzzo we took the back way to the road up to Poggio Imperiale, then down to the Viale.  We stopped at San Miniato and I stayed with the bikes at the bottom while they checked it out.  Back home on the Viales through a fair amount of traffic including a bus broken down at Piazza Ferrucci.  What a mess.  We skirted it pretty easily on the bikes, and finished a very nice ride.  Excellent job, Tina and Nate.

Day 4 with Nate and Tina - Pinone, Montelupo, San Pancrazio, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A good over the head shot of Nate and Tina climbing toward Comeana.

Tina and Nate on the climb to Pinone.  Great views back toward
Firenze in the distance.

Tina and Nate on the ridge going toward Montagnana.
What a beautiful day!

A new picture of me for my website, as both Nate and Tina 
thought I have lost enough weight that I needed a new photo.

Nate on the days final real climb to San Casciano.

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