Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lovely day riding in the Chianti hills with Laura.

Laura and I got started a little later than planned this morning, as there was something going on and she could not get a cab.  Both the person at the desk where she was staying and I both said, it usually takes 5 minutes at the most.  Apparently some kind of conference was using all the cabs when she was calling for one.   We worked it out and I rode into town and met her in Piazza Signoria, then we walked to the apartment and set up the bike.  A little review of the gears and the particulars of the bike and it's shifting, and we were off.  We started off riding the Viales, then up to Piazzale Michaelangelo for a view and photos.

We continued over to Poggio Imperiale, then down to Galluzzo.  Over through Cinque Vie, and we were on our first real climb of the day up through Vacciano to San Gersole.  We did a few stops on the way, as the climbs were a little more than Laura was used to, but she was up to speed on the climbs by the end of the day.  A very interesting and accomplished woman, she was fun to ride and chat with.  From San Gersole we hooked up with the main road and continued climbing to Monteoriolo.  A nice cruise into Impruneta and we had a good stop for cafe and pastries.

We descended toward Falciani, then jogged over for the Luiano climb.  A really perfect day for riding, this climb was at it's best and Laura enjoyed it.  We decided to continue to Montefiridolfi, and I admit to being a little pushy on this, as I love the town and the ride.  The climb was a little much, but with a push or two, she was fine.  We hung out in the beautiful little town square and chatted for a little while, then continued riding along the ridge to Bibbione.  A great switchback filled descent into the valley and it was time for the last decision.  We decided to head back to town through San Casciano where we stopped and discussed a gelato.  Laura is lactose intolerant and so with this information, we skipped the gelato.  A nice cruise along the ridge to Chiesa Nuova, a little more water, then back into town through Scandicci.

In Florence the traffic was pretty heavy, but Laura stayed right with me, making my job easier.  Home, changed, and she was on her way back to her hotel.  Great day Laura, and thanks for "Riding with Cosimo"  Ciao.

Chianti hills with Laura from Indiana. Great ride, Laura! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Laura at the Piazzale Michaelangelo.  It really has one of the
best views of Florence and is a perfect spot for a photo.

Finishing the climb above Vacciano.  Great job!

Laura at the San Gersole water supply with a wonderful
Chianti view in the background.

Laura at one of my favorite picture locations, the valley
just below the climb to Montefiridolfi.

Here is Laura finishing the climb to Montefiridolfi.

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