Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Into the Mugello - including the Marcoiano climb.

After a day off, which was needed, but was still full, with Kate and family at our apartment for Mother's day brunch and a dinner with some friends of my brother's from California, I decided on a ride into the Mugello.  I did not really know how I would feel, so I kept my options open in my mind as I went.  I started by climbing to San Domenico, then down through Maiano to the start of the Vincigliata climb.  I hooked up with the road above Fiesole, then proceeded toward Croce alla Vetta, turning off right before the top to continue climbing to Bivigliano.  I enjoyed the super fun descent to Vaglia, then put my head down and cranked it into Scarperia.

I started toward Sant Agata, and on the way decided to do the Maroiano climb, which I typically do once per year.  It is very steep in places, the maximum on Strava hit 31%, which I believe.  I have been working on my mental approach to climbs, making sure I approach climbs with the outlook that it is a fun opportunity to work myself and enjoy the exertion.  I stopped on the way, just after the turn to start, as my ziplock baggie with gorp was not opening up.  I had a little snack, and will replace the baggie today.  I tend to focus on the steep part, as it is a real challenge for me, but today, I really enjoyed the climb to the steep part.  It is a really beautiful road, with a good surface and great views.  Also, tiny, which I like.  There are two very steep sections, the first hits 26% and the second hits 31%.  Oh yeah, there is a little climb at the end which records 24%, just to finish you off.  Well, I think I really enjoyed the climb this time, and perhaps will do it again before a year has passed.

From the top of the climb, you hook up with the road from Panna down to Galliano, which is a fun, fast descent.  From Galliano, down to the great road through Bosco Ai Frati to San Piero, then over to the climb up Via Faentina to Croce alla Vetta.  This is often a fast climb for me, but today I left alot on the Marcoiano climb, but I still enjoyed the climb to the pass, then last real climb of the day.  Back home on Via Faentina made for a great ride.  I have 3 weekends in a row in the beginning of June which are timed events - for me a race - and it was good to start some training rides.

Solo in the Mugello with Marcoiano climb 31% by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I noticed a new group of flowers just blooming on the 
climb through Vincigliata.

This is the view back to the Southeast at the start of the 
climb to Marcoiano.

The road behind on a short snack break on the climb to and 
through Marcoiano.  Beautiful road!

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